Packaging design currently constitutes a very important part of a comprehensive product marketing strategy. Attractive packaging with a clear message can constitute a decisive factor for a consumer's final purchasing decision. However, while maintaining the aesthetic qualities, it is important to ensure that the packaging is properly adapted so that it fulfils its protective function. Our comprehensive packaging design service includes both keyline design and creating a prototype of the actual packaging.

Designing packaging keylines 

It is a good idea to start designing the keyline for the packaging even before the final graphic image is created on the packaging. This will allow avoiding mistakes that result in the layout of images, lettering, and labels not matching the finished, assembled packaging. We prepare packaging keyline designs within 24 hours of receiving your enquiry, sent to us via the quotation form.


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We can produce the packaging keyline design basing on the individual parameters included in the form. If the customer does not have an own idea for the packaging design, it is possible to choose one of the standard cardboard packaging designs created by FEFCO and ESBO



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Designing packaging prototypes

Designing packaging keylines constitutes the initial step in the entire production process. Once the keyline has been approved, at the customer's request we can design a prototype of the packaging. A faithful model will make it possible to test the packaging even before producing an entire batch. Designing the packaging prototype enables a faithful visualization of the graphic effect as well as the physical properties. The prototype is made from the same material as the final product - film, cardboard, etc. Designing the packaging prototype can also be done to create several models that can be used in sales presentations.

What are packaging prototypes?

Packaging prototyping allows for an exact visualization of what the packaging will look like, the folding system, the manner of opening and closing, as well as testing the product's properties. This is because the prototype is made from the same material as the final product - for example, film or cardboard. Preparing packaging prototypes minimizes the risk of making a costly design error. At the prototyping stage, any necessary changes or corrections can easily be made.

Cardboard packaging design

Packaging prototyping allows for exactly visualizing what the packaging will look like, the folding system, the manner of opening and closing, as well as testing the product's properties. When deciding to take advantage of this service, it is worth considering what you really need - a keyline or a finished prototype, or perhaps both products. Film and cardboard packaging does not always look exactly like it does on the computer screen, and that is why prototypes are created to minimize the risk of design errors. They are particularly important for large, expensive orders.

We also offer die cutters for die cutting machines so that you can individually produce and prototype the packaging you need.


Why is packaging so important?

Cardboard boxes are valued for their versatility and cost-effectiveness - their most important task is to protect products. Designing cardboard packaging allows creating individual boxes that protect the contents even better. Cardboard packaging improves safety during storage, transport, and can be used for information and marketing purposes. It economizes storage space in warehouses and makes it easier to maintain order.

How to select the right cardboard packaging?

In order to select the right cardboard packaging, it is important to be primarily guided by its purpose. Whether it will be a universal product for shipping goods sold at an online store or an individually designed box. It is highly important what type of raw material it will be made of - e.g. corrugated cardboard, solid cardboard, which translates into, among other things, durability. Designing cardboard boxes makes it possible to adapt the optimal design, i.e. the manner of closing, the assembly speed, the need for packing tape, which determines usability. We must also not forget the dimensions, which not only have to allow the product to be effectively protected, but also ensure ergonomic storage and transport.

Is it worth investing in customized cardboard packaging?

Cardboard packaging is easy to use, versatile, and widely used in many industries. It can be customized in terms of size and strength so that it can meet the requirement for cost-effectiveness and protect the product in the best possible way. This, of course, requires designing cardboard packaging, which allows creating boxes of custom sizes. This ensures that the item is perfectly protected. Cardboard boxes allow for including a barcode, technical information, and constitute an advertising tool to encourage purchases and build brand reputation. Cardboard packaging is also easy to assemble and store. Designed to measure, they allow taking advantage of the transport space in the best possible way, thus reducing the number of pallets, means of transport, reducing company costs, and protecting the environment.

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