Preparing packaging prototypes

A product's packaging serves two important functions. Primarily, it provides protection against damage during transport or adverse external conditions. Prototyping packages allows us to test the protection of our product even before manufacturing the entire batch. Currently, it is important to attach sufficient attention to designing the aesthetics of a packaging. The right design will make our product stand out on the store shelf and also guarantee an effective marketing message. In order to ensure the highest quality of the final product, at the customer's request we prepare packaging prototypes.

What are packaging prototypes?

Packaging prototyping allows for an exact visualization of what the packaging will look like, the folding system, the manner of opening and closing, as well as testing the product's properties. This is because the prototype is made from the same material as the final product - for example, film or cardboard. Preparing packaging prototypes minimizes the risk of making a costly design error. At the prototyping stage, any necessary changes or corrections can easily be made.

Make your offer stand out by preparing a packaging prototype!

Preparing packaging prototypes is also a great way to showcase the initial packaging design. Miniature mock-ups cannot convey the aesthetic qualities and functional value of the packaging. Prototyping packages will allow preparing an accurate product presentation with detailed visualization of the packaging's properties.

Prototyping packaging by Big Plus

Preparing packaging prototypes by Big Plus constitutes an optional service, carried out in addition, at the customer's request. We can design a die cutter keyline basing on the information sent using a form.


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We also take advantage of a set of basic cardboard packaging designs, developed by FEFCO and ESBO, so that we can facilitate determining the specification of packaging prototypes.


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