We take advantage of professional Impact CAD software for designing and producing die cutters. At the customer's order we manufacture all kinds of flat bookbinding die cutters used in various types of die cutting machines such as crucible, roller, and automatic die-cutting machines. The production of bookbinding die cutters is carried out quickly and on time, thanks to our accumulated machine park. Our machinery guarantees fast and timely execution. We use only the best quality materials for binding the die cutters.

Types of offered die cutters

The production of die cutters depends on many aspects. Depending on the cut material and the type of the die cutting machine, we select blades with the right characteristics and shape for cutting, among other things:

  • cardboard,
  • corrugated cardboard,
  • solid cardboard,
  • plastics,
  • sponges,
  • rubbers;

Thanks to die cutters, manufacturers of products made of cardboard, plastics, sponges, leather, and rubber can repeatedly cut (die cut) a variety of complex and repeatable shapes.

What does the production of die cutters look like?

The production of bookbinding die cutters always begins with determining the customer's needs and preparing a design. In order to properly prepare a die cutter, it is necessary to select, among other things, the height and thickness of the board, creases, blades, and rubber dampers. In the production of die cutters, the shape of the blade or the run is also important. All of this is selected based on the type of the die cutting machine and the die cutting material in order to ensure the highest aesthetics of the cut out product.

Our main area of activity consists in the production of dies for stands, corrugated and solid cardboard packaging. There is no doubt that printing die cutters constitute an integral element between the design and the finished packaging. For years, die cutters have been perfectly performing their task. Over time, their design and production methods change and evolve, for years perfectly performing their tasks. The production of bookbinding die cutters has changed significantly over time, as both the methods and materials have evolved, although nothing can replace them.

Big Plus - Die Cutter Manufacturer

Big Plus is a Die Cutter Manufacturer with a recognised brand on the market. We offer comprehensive services covering the complete production process, maintenance, as well as consultancy. Learn out more about die cutter production and our company.

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