Professional die cutter maintenance

Big Plus offers a service of die cutter maintenance, particularly for corrugated cardboard. We make every effort to ensure that the die cutter repair process is carried out efficiently and according to customer specifications. However, if a technological repair of the malfunction is not possible, we can offer a partial repair of the die cutter or prepare a completely new one according to the customer's specifications.

Before carrying out a repair of a die cutter, we always carry out a diagnosis that pinpoints the source of the problem and we propose the most optimal solution, which we aim to implement quickly and in a timely manner.

Repairing die cutters

As a manufacturer of bookbinding die cutters, we provide a comprehensive service in term of strengthening, altering, reworking, or regenerating die cutters. If you have noticed that your die cutters do not cut well through cardboard or other materials, that the cut edges are frayed, or that other undesirable effects occur, please take advantage of our die cutter maintenance service.

It is not worth waiting, as this will result in an even more worn out die cutter and incorrect cutting of the cardboard that is going to be unusable. If you come to us quickly enough, there is a greater chance that a die cutter repair will suffice, rather than replacing it completely with a new product.

Regenerating die cutters or replacing them with new ones

The die cutter blades wear out over time, but it is impossible to sharpen them due to the standard height of 23.8 mm. An attempt to sharpen them will reduce the height of the blades and therefore the corrugated cardboard and other materials will not be cut precisely. When the blades stop working correctly, replace them with new ones. This process is referred to as die cutter regeneration.

What does it look like? First, the rubber dampers are removed from the base plate and then all the blades are replaced with new ones. However, the customer must be aware that regenerating a die cutter may result in it being less accurate. If repair is not possible due to very significant wear out, we will prepare a new die cutter.

As part of our die cutter repair service, we also offer manufacturing parts, regenerating presses or dies. We can also introduce the necessary design changes to make the die cutters work the way we expect them to.

Big Plus - Die Cutter Manufacturer

Big Plus is a Die Cutter Manufacturer with a recognised brand on the market. We offer comprehensive services covering the complete production process, maintenance, as well as consultancy. Learn out more about die cutter production and our company.

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