The most desirable way to make an order consists in using the form or sending an enquiry/order to: biuro@bigplus.pl with the information necessary to create the die cutter keyline.

Ordering in 5 steps

  1. Completing and submitting the quotation form or sending an email with the information:
    • What type of material is going to be used to make the packaging
    • Individual packaging dimensions [mm] according to FEFCO catalogue.
    • Determine whether these are external or internal dimensions.
    • Packing unit number according to FEFCO catalogue and/or upload a file with your individual design (sketch, drawing, photograph), comments on the design.
    • Comments on the project (e.g. change of design).
    • Number of units per ordered die cutter.
    • Type of machine used with the ordered die cutter.
    • Contact details (Name, company, e-mail, telephone).
  2. Within 24 hours of receiving the enquiry, we will price the order, provide a completion date, and send feedback to the customer for acceptance.
  3. We design a keyline for the packaging, which we also send for approval.
  4. If necessary, at the customer's request, we will prototype the packaging to ensure that the final product meets the highest expectations, both aesthetically and functionally.
  5. Once the design of the keyline or prototype is approved, we proceed with producing the die cutter and then send it by courier to the provided address.

In other words

We prepare the die cutter using the Impact Cad software. Each idea is transferred to the software, where a die cutter keyline is created. A prototype of the packaging is then prepared, if necessary, so that the actual qualities of the packaging can be verified before the die cutter is made. Once the customer accepts the keyline, price, and deadline, we proceed with the order.

Files that need to be redrawn or created from scratch are unquestionably subject to client approval before production.

It should be borne in mind that the customer's description of the essential conditions of the die cutter order has an impact on the course and speed of implementation. The accuracy of describing the subject of the order is crucial for the speed and correctness of performing the order, so for your convenience, we have created a simple form that contains all the necessary data and makes the ordering process easier. The form determines the basic parameters of the order, without the possibility of omitting any of the relevant points.

We send the die cutters by DPD courier service. The die cutters are carefully packaged, and protected against damage.

The customer is obliged to verify the accuracy of the first piece before estimating the material run. "Big +" shall not be liable for material damage incurred by the Customer or third parties in the event of failure to verify the first piece.

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