Are you interested in our offer and want to place an order for a die cutter or find out the price for preparing one? Fill out the form below and send it to us. In order to tell you exactly how much it costs to prepare a die cutter, we require the following information. We will inform you about the conditions for production within 24 hours.

1. Choose what type of material the packaging will be made of?

2. Provide the individual dimensions [mm] of the packaging and specify whether these are external or internal dimensions?

L × B × H
- provide the dimensions according to FEFCO catalogue

3. Provide the number of the packaging style according to the FEFCO catalogue or upload a file with your individual design (sketch, drawing, photograph).

style number

4. If you have any comments on the project, please provide them below (e.g. change of design).

5. Specify the number of pieces on the ordered die cutter as well as how they are arranged and the distance between them.


6. Provide the type of machine with which the ordered die cutter will operate

7. Enter your contact details.

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Die cutter - the price depends on the design

The cost of a die cutter depends mainly on what materials it will be used for. The cost of a die cutter is also influenced by the size and style of the packaging it will die cut. The price is determined individually depending on the size and complexity of the die cutter. Basing on the information provided in the form above, we can precisely determine the cost of its execution.

Big Plus - Die Cutter Manufacturer

Big Plus is a Die Cutter Manufacturer with a recognised brand on the market. We offer comprehensive services covering the complete production process, maintenance, as well as consultancy. Learn out more about die cutter production and our company.

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